Top 10 Moments of the Classroom Chronicles Tour

Last spring, Commissioner of Education Candice McQueen began a 10,000 Teacher Tour that took her to classrooms in every region of Tennessee. The purpose of this tour is to both learn from teachers across the state and to celebrate the work being done by these dedicated educators. So far, Commissioner McQueen has engaged with nearly 6,400 teachers in 32 districts and this week she kicks off her 2015-16 tour in Lebanon Special School District, Wilson County, and Smith County. Here we celebrate the best moments so far as we eagerly await the kick off on Thursday, September 3rd.

East Side Elementary School

1.Commissioner McQueen walked into Ms. Davis’s kindergarten classroom and this little boy said he had a secret just for her. His secret is still safe with her, but we are lucky enough to share this great picture!

(Cannon County School District)

Stewarts Creek High School

  1. Dr. McQueen heard great things about the CTE programs at Stewarts Creek High School and wanted to experience them firsthand. In the veterinary sciences room she got to meet all kinds of animals, including this friendly parrot.

(Rutherford County Schools )

Spring City Elementary School

  1. Every year, Mrs. Gayla Hood’s second grade class sets up the Dr. Seuss Café. Guests are allowed to order a book off the menu while they are served refreshments by students dressed in whimsical hats and aprons. Here, Commissioner McQueen is being read the Butter Battle Book by a student in the café.

(Rhea School District)

Emmett Elementary School

  1. These students are tending to a vegetable garden with their special education teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Chandler. Here, she is explaining to the Commissioner how she was able to raise money for the project through and grants.

(Sullivan County Schools)

Spot Lowe Vocational Center

  1. Dr. McQueen got a chance to get up close and personal with the ‘patients’ in Ms. Lea Barnes’s classroom. These realistic mannequins allow students to get hands-on practice while learning about health science.

(Marshall County Schools)

Tom Joy Elementary School

  1. Commissioner McQueen was invited to read three of her favorite books to Ms. Mychelle MacKay’s third grade class. Here she is reading Stuck by Oliver Jeffers to the students. After reading the book she answered all of their questions, including how old she was and why she wanted to be the commissioner of education.

(Metro Nashville Public Schools)

Jackson County High School

  1. Agriculture teacher, Mr. Brandon Caffin, and Assistant Principal, Ms. Kristy Brown of Jackson County High School share this piece of artwork made by their students. The piece, made from reclaimed wood pallets, was a gift to the commissioner and is currently displayed in the Tennessee Department of Education offices.

(Jackson County School District)

Westover Elementary School

  1. Commissioner McQueen joined Ms. Andrea Wilkinson’s first grade class learning how to tell time. Here, the Commissioner is high-fiving a student in celebration after he correctly answered a question she asked.

(Henderson County School District)

Dobyns-Bennett High School

  1. Rosie the pig spends her days wandering around Ms. Sue Trent’s animal science classroom. Here, Rosie takes a break from her classroom explorations to meet the commissioner.

(Kingsport City Schools)

Lexington High School

  1. Commissioner McQueen visited Ms. Shirley Wallace’s math class and spoke to the students about the value of education. The commissioner followed the lesson by asking which students plan to go to college. As the picture shows, every hand in Ms. Wallace’s class was raised.

(Henderson County School District)