How To Install Morpheus Kodi Addon

Morpheus Kodi Addon

Morpheus is a new Kodi addon hosted in the Fractured repository. This addon has an extensive library of movies and TV shows and comes with various sections, including torrent support and unique playlists for one-click video content. 

Morpheus is reliable, fast, and fully compatible with the latest Kodi 19 Matrix. It also has a navigable, user-friendly interface. 

General Description And Features

Even though Morpheus supports free links, using a premium service like Real Debrid gives you access to higher-quality links unavailable elsewhere for a better streaming experience.

You will find the following categories within the Morpheus add-on:

  • Real Debrid 1 Click Movies
  • Non-Real Debrid 1 Click Movies
  • Chill & Flix Movies
  • Chill & Flix TV Shows
  • Anime
  • Documentary
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Trakt
  • Search
  • Search History
  • Last Link Played
  • Settings
  • Resume Watching
  • My RD History
  • RD Torrents
  • Actress/Actor

Here are some of the best features of the Morpheus Add-on:

User Interface

Morpheus has an appealing and easy-to-navigate user interface. Also, you do not need to use a Mouse Toggle with this add-on, as you can easily browse through the content without it.

Video Quality

You can expect a good streaming experience with this addon on both free and Real-Debrid links. Additionally, the addon supports Standard Definition (360p), High Definition (720p and 1080p), and Ultra High Definition (4K). 

Movies Section

The movie section has two major categories; Trending and Popular. In addition, it has a search option that helps you find any movie you would like to watch. 

The section has other subcategories: My Watchlist and My Collection that provide access to your favorite movies or those you want to watch later.

TV Shows Section

The TV show section has three categories:

  • My TV Shows
  • Trending Shows
  • Popular Shows

You can use this section’s search tab to find any TV show within these categories.

Trakt TV

If you are an avid TV show fan, you will appreciate Trakt TV integration with the Morpheus addon. It organizes your TV shows into different lists and alerts you about new episodes of your favorite shows. It also lets you resume watching where you left off for an improved streaming experience.

Advantages Of Morpheus

Here are some of the reasons you’ll love the Morpheus Kodi addon. 

  • Has a user-friendly interface, helping users load and search for content quickly.
  • Menu is easy to navigate.
  • Has a Resume Watching function.
  • Has a vast library of media content.
  • Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia.
  • Integrates with Real-Debrid. 
  • Supports both Premium and free users.


Morpheus works well with major operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and all Kodi compatible devices.

Installation Prerequisites

Before installing Morpheus, you first need to allow installation from unknown sources on Kodi because Morpheus is a third-party add-on unavailable in the official Kodi repository.

Next, ensure you update your Kodi to the latest version. Older Kodi versions may be incompatible with the add-on, and this may lead to installation failure or errors. Remember to install the addon from the official Fractured repository.

Finally, ensure you have an active Real-Debrid account to integrate it with the Morpheus add-on. When done, proceed to install the add-on.

Here’s the repository and addon information you need:

  1. Name of the addon: Morpheus
  2. Repository name: Fractured Repository
  3. Category: Video sources
  4. Media sources name: Morpheus 
  5. The latest working URL: 

Alternative Addons 

Various Kodi add-ons play the same role as Morpheus; here are some you can opt for:

Covenant is a popular and safe choice for any Kodi user. This add-on features various TV shows and movies and comes with a simple interface for quick content browsing.

The Crew is a new Kodi addon that is fast gaining popularity among users. It is fully compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and has a vast library of entertainment content. In addition, you can integrate this add-on with Real-Debrid for an even better streaming experience.

Seren is a Debrid-only add-on found in the Nixgates repository. It is fast, reliable, and compatible with multiple platforms, meaning you can comfortably stream from any device using this add-on.

Common Issues With Morpheus

Here are some of the issues you may encounter with the Morpheus add-on:

Morpheus Fails To Play Links Or Requires Authorization

Sometimes, when you search and click on a movie title on Morpheus, the link to the video fails to play, and instead, a Pair Error message pops up. Usually, this error occurs because of pairing problems between the source and your addon.

Essentially, most Kodi addons use sites like Olpair (Openload),,, and TheVideo to find streaming links. As a result of the high demand, these sites then ask for stream authorization to limit internet traffic that may overload their servers. This request is what appears as a ‘Require Authorization’ or ‘Pair Error.’

How To Solve Morpheus Pair Error 

To solve Morpheus Pair Error on Kodi, consider the following options: 

Direct Authorization

The easiest solution to this error is to give direct authorization to your connection by pairing your device to the source through the pop-up link provided. To authorize, use your web browser to open the pop-up window appearing on your screen and then tap on the Activate option. After activation, you can authorize your IP address to stream from the source for a few hours.

Keep in mind that using this technique exposes your IP address to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other prying third parties. 

To prevent your internet traffic from falling into the wrong hands, connect to a VPN. A VPN will keep your IP hidden and let you browse anonymously. 

However, it is essential to note that if you are using a VPN, changing your IP address will prompt another Require Authorization error message. For that reason, you need to re-authorize your device again.

Alternatively, you can use a static IP address, an IP address specifically assigned to you. The good thing about this option is you do not need to keep pairing your device each time a site requires authorization because a static IP address is a unique identifier of your device and does not change.

Turn Off Hosters With Captchas

Another easy solution to the pairing problem is to disable hosters with Captchas on your addon’s settings. Using this method will stop the addon from fetching links from sites that require authorization. Although disabling hosters with captchas solves the pairing problem, it limits the number of sources available and links you can use to stream a video.

Switch From Free Links To Real-Debrid

As earlier noted, Morpheus supports both free links and Real-Debrid premium links. You will likely encounter a pairing error when using free links than when using premium Real-Debrid links. Real-Debrid offers premium hosters with high-quality links that do not need authorization to stream.

If you encounter a pairing error when streaming with Morpheus, consider integrating your add-on with Real-Debrid.

Here are other issues that you may encounter with the Morpheus addon and their respective solutions

Cannot Connect To Repository

This problem is common during installation and mainly occurs when you forget to add (/) or miss a letter when typing the repo URL. To fix this error, ensure your repo URL is correct before you begin installing Morpheus.

Could Not Retrieve Directory Information Error

On many occasions, this error results from incorrect URL spelling or a weak internet connection. The best solution is to check your internet connection by accessing other websites through your browser. If your internet connection is poor, unplug your router and wait a few minutes before plugging it in.

Check Log For More Information

 Improper installation of the Morpheus addon and redundancy of the URL Resolver are the two most common reasons for this error. The best solution is to clear the Kodi cache to remove any files backlog that may interrupt the installation process. If you don’t have any data backlog on your addon, download the latest URL resolver, then re-launch the Morpheus addon.

No Stream Available Error

This issue occurs when your internet connection is unstable, interrupting streaming, or when the content you are looking for is too old to retrieve. Fixing your internet connection is an excellent way to solve this error. If the stream you are trying to access is too old, try integrating Morpheus with Real-Debrid to access more sources and links.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morpheus Kodi Addon 

What Is The Morpheus Addon Used For?

You can use this add-on to stream content such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

Is The Morpheus Addon Legal?

Installing and using this addon is legal. However, using Morpheus to stream copyrighted content is illegal and could land you in trouble with authorities.

Do I Need A Real-Debrid Account To Use Morpheus?

No, Morpheus has a free links section you can use if you do not have a Real-Debrid account.

Do I Need A VPN To Use The Morpheus Kodi Add-on?

Not necessarily, but connecting to a VPN hides your IP address, encrypts your data, and lets you access geo-restricted content. 

Is Morpheus Kodi Addon Free? 

Yes. Morpheus is 100% free. 


To sum up, Morpheus is a top-quality Kodi addon with tons of media content to choose from. It works well with Kodi 19 Matrix and supports both free links and Real-Debrid users. For the best and safe streaming, consider using a VPN.