Why I <3 My Child's Teacher

The department works to honor Tennessee teachers every day, but we are especially excited to celebrate educators during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9.

Marcy Tidwell serves as the department’s director of school choice, but she is also the proud parent of a middle school student. Here Marcy talks about how her son’s teachers have gone above and beyond to meet him at his level.

By Marcy Tidwell

Marcy with her son Brycen

During National Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to use this opportunity to recognize all of the teachers and staff at East Hickman Intermediate School.  I simply could not narrow my appreciation down to just one person because I believe that every staff member in this school has had a part in my child’s growth over the last several years.

My son entered East Hickman Intermediate School as a struggling third-grade student with low confidence in his own academic abilities.  From day one, the teachers at this school worked with him not only to get him up to speed and on track with his peers but also to develop his confidence and belief in himself.

It is obvious that the teachers in this school work together to deliver high quality instruction.  On a very regular basis, my child tells me that he receives extra help on assignments not only from his regular classroom teachers, but often from assistants, enrichment teachers, and even other grade-level teachers.  It is clear that the teachers in this school come together to take responsibility for the achievement of all students, not just the students on their homeroom rosters. The dedication and commitment the teachers have to each and every student is without question and just one of the reasons I am grateful.

Teachers and staff work together to provide before and after school programs to offer remediation as well as extension activities that further enhance learning.  Of the many fun and exciting learning opportunities, my son has investigated the laws of physics and engineering while building a marble roller coaster, explored the concepts of energy and motion while constructing a solar powered car, and participated in international video-conferencing with students in El Salvador while discovering different countries and cultures around the world.  Without the teamwork and extensive planning of many teachers and staff, these learning opportunities would not have been available.

Brycen poses with two East Hickman Intermediate teachers.

The teachers at this school set very high expectations for all students. It hasn’t always been easy for my child.  The work has at times been difficult.  There have been complaints and on a few occasions even tears, but as a parent, I am so thankful that my child’s teachers believe he can achieve more.  My child has risen to these high standards.  With each challenge and eventual success, my child’s confidence has increased.  Now he, too, believes he can succeed.  And for that, I am most grateful.

So for all of these reasons, I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all of the teachers and staff at East Hickman Intermediate School.  THANK YOU for believing in my child.  THANK YOU for making a difference in his life.  THANK YOU for expecting more.  Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.