What We’re Learning This Summer

Earlier this week, some of our Teacher Advisory Council members shared the books they’re most looking forward to reading this summer. Today, they’re sharing what teacher learning they have planned for the next few months. We hope their ideas will inspire your own learning this summer!

“I am excited to do some deep content and assessment work through our state’s TNReady item review process in early June. It is such a rich and rigorous experience – I love getting to gather around the table with Tennessee educators from across our great state to engage in this work. After that, I will be spending some time with educators from across the country to do similar work with our assessment for students whose needs require an alternate assessment. This work is new for me, and I am eager to learn more about it!” –Adam Moss, RTI2 coordinator at Arnold Memorial Elementary in Cleveland City Schools

Susan Reeder

“This summer, I’m heading to Washington, D.C. to foster relationships that will create opportunities for ongoing leadership. Then, I’m blasting off to Space Camp in Huntsville to learn new ways to incorporate design thinking and engage in project based learning. Last, I’m engaging with policymakers and leaders at the ECS National Forum in Education Policy in Colorado.” –Melissa Miller, first grade teacher at Franklin Elementary in the Franklin Special School District

“My teacher learning for this summer will be to attend the Tennessee Association of School Librarians Summer Road Trip and to collaborate with area high school librarians to prepare for my new role as a librarian at McKenzie High School.” –Carol Nanney, librarian at McKenzie Elementary in the McKenzie Special School District

Melissa Miller

“I will be teaching “Kitchen Chemistry” at our district STEAM camp for two weeks in June. I also will be starting work on my Educational Specialist degree at Milligan College.” –Nancy Miles, third grade teacher at South Side Elementary in Johnson City Schools

“My summer is jam packed with learning opportunities! First, I start the summer off with a quick vacation traveling around some neighboring states in my family’s newly acquired camper. Next, starts my first assignment as a math item review for TNReady, math standards training, and district-level STEM bus module training. Last, I’ll wrap up in July with the Upper Cumberland READ Conference, an on-line educational book study, and some training in math best practices. I love my summer being packed with learning opportunities because it charges me back up for another year and keeps me focused on my students. I never tire of learning!” –Susan Reeder, third and fourth grade teacher at Union Heights Elementary in Smith County Schools

Michael Franklin

“This summer, I will collaborate with Athens City Schools’ librarians as we learn together and share ideas on best practices for the next school year. I am already eagerly anticipating ISTE conference virtual sessions to keep me up-to-date on new technology implementation ideas, improved features on my favorite apps, and new ways to help my students be 21st century ready. Most importantly, I want to soak up tips and better inform myself on ways to carve out time to help with self-care for the upcoming school year to keep me rejuvenated and healthy.” –Lori Farley, media specialist at North City Elementary in Athens City Schools

“I am attending the TVAAS Exploration Summit in Smyrna on June 11th!” –Carlin McGlown, 7th grade ELA and social studies teacher at Munford Middle in Tipton County Schools

Carlin McGlown

“As a teacher, I believe in education so much that I am going to be a student this summer! First, I will travel to learn from educators a half a world away. I leave in June for Honduras with the Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network to discuss student need with teachers around the country. Second, I will face some of my own student need in the name of self-improvement. This summer I will face my fears and take two classes that scare the slop out of me. I will be taking Statistics and Data Science classes at Vanderbilt Peabody’s College as part of my Ed.D. in Leadership & Learning in Organizations. I have never been a “numbers” person, but we ask our students to do things they are scared of all the time. Why should teachers be let off the hook? I am excited to complete this summer semester in order to more fully engage with student achievement metrics, and I am thrilled to meet with my peers in Honduras to build bridges between the daily lives of educators at home in the United States and abroad.” –Michael Franklin

Whether your summer is exciting or relaxing – or a combination of both – we hope you find some time to rest, recharge, and learn!