Tennessee Students Share Why They Write

Across Tennessee students and teachers are hard at work developing essential writing skills. We asked Tennessee students to share their thoughts on why writing matters. We are excited to publish students’ “writing about writing” pieces on Classroom Chronicles this month.

Our first student piece is from a high school senior in Sumner County. She surprised us with a piece not about what inspired her, but who.

by Autumn Puckett, 12th grade, Merrol Hyde Magnet School, Sumner County

What inspires me to write is not a thing, but rather three amazing individuals. Those individuals are the English teachers that I’ve been privileged to learn from throughout my high school career. Dawn Williamson, Alison McDuffee, and Kevin Kelly constantly go above and beyond to ensure that I am being the best student I can be. Mrs. Williamson has showed me the basics of writing through research papers, short story projects, and countless novels we have read in class. She has never sugarcoated critiques, and she has never held back praise when either were due. She has laid the groundwork for the skills I have built on throughout high school.

Mrs. McDuffee has instilled a love for literature in me that cannot be replaced. When I look back on high school, I will never forget the countless days we spent sitting in a circle analyzing pieces of literature. She has taught me how to love the rhetoric of an author and the beauty of words.

Mr. Kelly relates to students through his combination of sarcasm and love for investing in the minds of others. He has taught me not only grammar and an extensive vocabulary, but also how to go above and beyond normal duties. He constantly is ready to answer any questions I have or review any papers I write.

These three individuals deserve all the credit for this award. They have always been what inspires me to work harder, especially when it comes to writing.