Teachers of TN: Jen Semanco

“For me, the best part of teaching is that I get to create a world within the four walls of my classroom that values integrity, inclusion, equality, kindness, and the pursuit of academic excellence–a world far different than the one many of my students face outside of school. As an educator at an all-girls school, I get to play a part in empowering young women to be change-makers by equipping them with the skills they need to tackle any challenge that lands in their paths. That’s a powerful responsibility. It’s what allows me to fight off exhaustion to stay after school and help a group of English language learners with a difficult text so they can feel confident enough to participate in the next day’s class discussion, or to run an ACT prep workshop on a Saturday morning that gives my students the extra push they need to boost their scores. When I put in the work, so do my students.”

–Jen Semanco, high school English teacher, Hamilton County Schools