Teachers of TN: Amanda Swafford

During Teacher Appreciation Week, I received a letter from a former student who no longer attends my school. He is in high school now in a neighboring district, and was given the assignment by his current teacher to write to one teacher who had impacted his education in a positive way. I was so touched that he chose to write to me, especially considering it had been 6 years since I’d had him as a student. He wrote about how he was grateful to me for all he had learned and accomplished that year, and thanked me for making learning fun. His letter showed me that while we often think once students leave our class and never look back or really think about us as teachers again, they do. As educators, we have the power to greatly impact our students’ views on learning, both positively and negatively. I hope, pray, and strive to leave lasting, positive impressions as an educator.

Amanda Swafford, Kindergarten teacher, Richard Hardy Memorial School