Student Voices: Getting Ahead on Graduation

By Joseph Egros, junior at Chester County High School


Joseph poses with Commissioner McQueen

Most people think graduating from high school early is a very difficult task, but the key is to have a well-organized plan. Before I even started high school, I was taking steps to advance my education. When I was in eighth grade I had the opportunity to take algebra I, which bumped me one step ahead of my classmates in math, allowing me to take geometry my freshman year. I also had the opportunity my freshman year to take biology which bumped me one step ahead of my classmates in science, allowing me to complete my final credit in science my junior year instead of my senior year.

My guidance counselors have played a major role in my success on this fast track to graduating early. They have shown me all of my different options and then guided me to selecting the right ones. Once I had my plan down for the classes I was required to take, I then decided to take a college and career readiness class, ACT prep. ACT prep is a class designed to give me helpful hints and guide me to earn a better ACT score, which in turn ideally helps me to get into the college of my choice.

img_3997A lot of the choices I have made involve the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes instead of regular classes at the high school. This year, I have three dual enrollment courses: pre-calculus, statistics, and U.S. history. Both pre-calculus and U.S. history meet at my high school, but statistics is an online course through our local community college. In order to complete my plan to graduate early, I will have to take English IV over the summer and that will finish up all of my credits.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to further my education by graduating early instead of having to spend another year in school since I am already so close to gaining all of my credits.

CCHSAlong with my guidance counselor, my teachers have been very supportive and a big part why I am successful on my path to graduating early. If I ever did not understand a lesson or had any kind of questions, all of my teachers would make an extra effort to stay late or come early and work through it with me. Even though it has been extra work with more classes, it is not as difficult as people often think. With the added coursework, it is teaching me to work more diligently than required in some of my previous classes. Meeting deadlines and having to steadily work, along with my dual enrollment classes, is giving me a taste of what college is going to be like. In my opinion the extra work is going to benefit and pay off in the long run.

Joseph attends Chester County High School and plans to graduate in May 2017 as a junior. He hopes to then further his education at Louisiana State University and study chemical engineering.