Student Voices: How Arlington High School Prepares Us For College


by Molly Lukas and Ronald Young, seniors at Arlington High School

Our high school encourages students to achieve academic success and pursue post-secondary education. Arlington High School has an abundant amount of Advanced Placement (AP) courses that have helped us get a sense of how challenging college courses are going to be and have prepared us for the college classroom environment. The AP classes are more engaged, and you are surrounded by other students that have a desire to learn and further their education. In AP classes, you have the ability to do more hands-on activities.

img_3631For example, in the AP Biology class I took last year, I was able to participate in many labs and experiments. My favorite lab from my entire time here at Arlington High was from that class, and it was gel electrophoresis.  It was such an amazing experience to create my own instead of experiencing it through a textbook. This lab gave me a preview in what types of labs I will experience in a biology class in college.  I am so thankful that I have the amazing teachers I do, that will expose me to different types of learning. Arlington High School has a faculty that truly cares about its students’ success.

Both of us have teachers who go above and beyond to make sure that we understand the material we are learning and feel comfortable when testing time comes around. The AP Biology teacher hosts study sessions whenever she is asked by a student, whether they are at school, at Starbucks, or even her home. She takes a personal interest in her students and wants all of them to succeed  by making the students’ confidence in knowing the material a priority. This is not an uncommon thing at Arlington High.

tutoring at StarbucksI, Molly, was able to take this challenging course last year. Dr. Krishnan, the AP biology teacher, wanted me to succeed in her class and did everything possible to make sure I knew all of the course material. I remember studying for the Mitosis and Meiosis Test and feeling really concerned about taking the test the next day. I texted Dr. Krishnan through Remind and she met me and a handful of other students at Starbucks. She brought whiteboards, expo markers, and practice problems. Almost two hours later, I left Starbucks feeling confident in myself and ready for the big test. All of our teachers want to make our high school experience the most memorable it can be and prepare us for our post-secondary pursuits.

I, Ronald, have benefited from Arlington’s engaging student population. I have been in criminal justice for 3 years. As I have learned so much from the criminal justice system, law enforcement and legal careers, my teacher has been very helpful in how he allows us to reach out into real-world situations. For example, he has reached out to us about how to contact the Memphis Bar Association for their Summer Law Internship Program, The Memphis Police Department for the Blue Path Program and The Tennessee Youth Court Program. Many students throughout Arlington have taken these opportunities to excel in the Criminal Justice system even in a high school environment.

img_3668That’s what Arlington is about. We come to Arlington. We see a problem or something that could be made better throughout our school. We come together with the administration and make things happen. We must realize that student’s needs and wants are essential to their future. The only way to make that to happen is to simply educate.