“She was the sprinkles to my ice cream”

National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9

Last year we heard from nearly 3,000 Tennessee students during our “Why I’m Thankful for my Teacher” essay content. We look forward to reading even more essays from Tennessee students this year, but we simply can’t get enough of these powerful words Tennessee students submitted last spring.

“Before I came to fifth grade, I never wanted to be a teacher, but now, I’m honestly considering it.”

—Celebrating Ms. Dana Crumpton, West Elementary, Wilson County:

“She has been the sprinkles to my ice cream. Ms. Rust has been the highlight of my year.”

—Celebrating Ms. Dana Rust, North Middle School

“He pushes you to be great; he wants you to succeed.”

—Celebrating Mr. Scott Flynn, Alcoa Middle School, Blount County

“First off, teachers are not just people you see every week and learn from. They can be the person that you go to when no one else will listen. The person that gives you self-confidence and tells you that you can do anything.”

—Celebrating Ms. Lanita Puthoff, Pleasant View Elementary, Cheatham County

“My goal in life is to grow up and to be encouraging to all the kids who hate reading and maybe change their life like she changed mine.”

—Celebrating Ms. Susan Brown, Sycamore Middle, Cheatham County

“I know that every day during fourth period I can relax and breathe for a moment and not have to worry about the stresses of senior year because Mrs. Marcy will ‘simply not allow anything but good memories.'”

—Celebrating Ms. Marcy Tahmazian, Bradford High School, Gibson County

“If you meet her, she would be your light on a dark day.”

—Celebrating Ms. Paige Williams, Sycamore Middle, Cheatham County

“She would not give up on anybody.”

—Celebrating Ms. Reagan, Alcoa Middle School, Blount County