The Power of Extracurricular Activities

Memphis teacher and blogger Jon Alfuth explains why extracurricular activities are helping his students shine in a new way and make a powerful investment in themselves.

It’s the semifinal round of the county debate tournament.  The prize, a ticket to the county debate championship and a trip to Washington DC for nationals.  Our varsity debate team went 4-0 in the preliminaries and smoked the competition in the quarter and semifinal rounds.  I’m judging another debate so I don’t get to see them, but I’ll never forget the moment when I exit the room to the broad smiling face of one of our coaches, thumbs up, telling me “You’re going to DC!”

It’s hard to capture the joy and excitement of the moment in one words, but I can think of few things that will be as meaningful to these student’s lives.  Teachers, think back to what you remember the most about your high school career.  I’m betting that your strongest memory isn’t geometry, English or history. More than likely it’s the club or sport in which you participated.

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