New Report Highlights Tennessee’s Strategies for Professional Learning

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On March 7,  New America released a new report, Beyond Ratings: Re-envisioning State Teacher Systems as Tools for Professional Growth, that features Tennessee as one of four states with a highly effective teacher evaluation system.

The report explains how states’ communication, support, and monitoring of evaluation as a tool for professional growth can play a vital role in ensuring that districts capitalize on the information teacher evaluations provide to propel teacher—and student—growth. Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, and Tennessee have used a combination of strategies to strike a better balance between teacher support and accountability.

When it comes to driving teachers’ professional learning, “principals cannot do it alone and need to leverage highly effective teachers.” — Paul Fleming, Tennessee Department of Education Assistant Commissioner of Teachers and Leaders

Strategies highlighted in the report for Tennessee include:

  • Supporting schools through our eight TEAM coaches to increase the accuracy of scoring and feedback for teachers
  • Using annual survey data from teachers and principals to refine the content and process of the TEAM evaluation model
  • Implementing the Instructional Partnership Initiative (IPI), which matches pairs of teachers by specific rubric indicators to collaborate and engage in peer coaching over the course of a school year
  • Revising the administrator evaluation rubric in 2014-15 to assesses how well principals implement the teacher evaluation system to inform professional learning goals, engage staff in differentiated professional learning, and deploy teacher leaders to coach their peers

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