Meet our 3rd grade Essay Contest Winner: “I love Ms. Green, and I know that she loves me too!”

Nearly 3,000 essays later, the Tennessee Department of Education is proud to announce the winners of our third annual student essay contest: “My teacher inspired me to…” We are thrilled to introduce Cortia Hibbler, a third-grader  at Granville T. Woods Academy of Innovation in Memphis and the winner of the 3-5 category. We hope you enjoy Cortia’s kind words honoring her teacher DeAnn Greene.

Cortia3 (2)

Cortia reads her award-winning essay about how her teacher, Ms. Green, inspires her.

My teacher inspires me to be the best student that I can be in school. My name is Cortia Hibbler. I’m in the third grade. I’m a student at Granville T. Woods Academy of Innovation, in Memphis, TN. My teacher’s name is Ms. Green, and she is very special to me. She inspired me to always put my best foot forward and to never give up on my life goals. My future goals include graduating from Harvard university with a degree in medicine and education.

Ms. Green has taught me many different techniques from how to solve a mathematics equation to identifying planets in the solar system. Ms. Green is a very dedicated and loving teacher who wants to see her students succeed throughout their lives. She is a very nice teacher. I have learned so many things from her. Ms. Green is a fun teacher.

Throughout the school year, Ms. Green has helped me to become more interactive with science course work. Instead of doing simple science assignments, she has us do cool science experiments in and out of class. At one point I had to concentrate on staying focused with this subject, but now when Ms. Green says, “It’s science time!” I get very excited. I love science time!

Ms.Green has also inspired me to be more productive with my writing. I never liked journal writing and reports. Now, I love writing about different topics and subjects. Also, my writing exercises have helped improve my handwriting skills. She gives us fun topics to write about and lets us create stories in class.


Cortia and Ms. Green pose with contest prizes, presented by Dr. Nakia Towns from the department.

My inspiration comes from Ms. Green. She is a Lemoyne-Owen College graduate and tells us that we can go to college and be successful too. Our class pet is Sparkelina, a bearded dragon, and I adore her. We have a sign in the classroom that says “excuse limit zero.” It means no excuses are accepted in class at anytime, and we should always give our best. We also have a sign that says “light up your imagination …read.” Ms. Green loves to read, and I plan to be just like her.

Ms. Green takes the time to teach us things she knows we are interested in. Once when I finished my work before everyone else, she showed me how to make a slide show on my computer. She always puts me in school programs to represent the school and speak in front of crowds. She found a workshop that we could attend where we could learn how to build a website. I went to the workshop and had fun and learned something I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

Ms. Green is the funniest teacher you could ever have. Ms. Green pulled an April Fool’s joke on the class. She throws us surprise parties, even if we sometimes do not deserve them. Ms. Green is an inspiration. I love Ms. Green, and I know that she loves me too!