Higher Ed. Shows Support for TNReady

We’re excited to share this letter of support for the new TNReady assessment from higher education leaders across Tennessee.  For more information about TNReady visit TNReady.gov where you can find frequently asked questions and additional resources.

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October 30, 2015

Dear Governor Haslam, Lieutenant Governor Ramsey, Speaker Harwell, Chairwoman Gresham, Chairman Brooks and Commissioner McQueen:

As leaders of the state’s higher education systems and organizations, we consider the new TNReady test replacing the TCAP assessments in our state’s K-12 schools a better barometer for how prepared Tennessee’s high school seniors are for college-level math and English. We submit this letter to affirm our continued support for the state’s progress toward ensuring students who graduate from Tennessee’s high schools are college-­and career-ready.

College and university faculty members representing institutions from the Tennessee Board of Regents, University of Tennessee and Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association across the state reviewed the TNReady math and English language arts tests earlier this fall. These faculty members expressed unanimous support for the new assessment and rated them 100 percent in line with their expectations for first-­year college students. The expectation is that students who perform well on the TNReady assessment will to be ready for college-level study.

A reliable assessment like TNReady aligned with rigorous Tennessee State Standards will guide us to more accurately place students in appropriate course levels, allowing students to more quickly and successfully complete college credits and stay on track to earn a credential. TNReady should reduce the need for costly remediation while providing teachers, students and their parents with a clear and accurate picture of student readiness.

The Complete College Tennessee Act and the Drive to 55 initiative have increased the focus of Tennessee postsecondary education on student success and workforce development, and the TNReady assessment should help us meet the challenge more effectively and efficiently.

We strongly support the state’s ongoing efforts to enact rigorous standards, develop an appropriate assessment directly aligned with college readiness, and provide more students access to postsecondary education. We are proud that education at every level is a priority in Tennessee. Thank you for your work on this behalf.


Joe DiPietro, President, University of Tennessee

Claude O. Pressnell Jr. President, Tennessee Independent Colleges & Universities Association

John G. Morgan Chancellor, Tennessee Board of Regents