Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from Commissioner Schwinn

Dear teachers,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! You deserve much more than a week of appreciation, but I hope over the next few days, you are reminded how valuable you are to your students and community.

This week, I am asking everyone to take a moment to thank a teacher. We are who we are, in part, because of a teacher. The care and devotion you bring to your students’ lives daily make a difference for generations to come. Teachers are the foundation of our communities, and when you positively impact a child’s life, you are really impacting hundreds of other lives as they leave your classroom empowered with the knowledge and compassion you offer them.

I developed a deep respect and admiration for teachers as I watched my mom and other members of my family work to serve children selflessly each and every day. They are the reason I stepped into my first classroom, and you are the reason I continue to be inspired by the teaching and learning occurring in classrooms throughout our great state.

Thank you for opening doors for students. Thank you for inspiring them and opening their eyes to a future full of potential. Thank you for being their champion, all day, every day.

Thank one of your fellow exceptional teachers, and soak in the appreciation this week. You deserve it!

On behalf of all staff at the Tennessee Department of Education, have a wonderful week.