Gov. Haslam: “I keep a red LEGO on my alarm clock”

Last night Gov. Haslam gave his fourth State of the State address to the Tennessee General Assembly. He pledged an additional $63 million for teacher compensation, and unveiled the unprecedented program Tennessee Promise, a commitment that every high school graduate has the option to attend a two-year community or applied-technology college for free. We repeat, absolutely free.

Gov. Haslam also recognized two Tennessee teachers hard at work.

Gov. Haslam holds up the red LEGO that sixth-grade math teacher Megan Baker gave him during a visit at West Wilson Middle School.

“Back in November, I visited West Wilson Middle School in Mount Juliet. While I was there, Megan Baker, a sixth grade math teacher, gave me this red LEGO. LEGO has become an acronym for their motto: Let’s Expect Great Outcomes. Because it sits on top of the alarm clock by my bed, it’s the first thing I see every morning. It is a reminder of the responsibility that we all have to expect great outcomes.”

Cicely Woodard stands as she is recognized by Gov. Haslam during the State of the State address. Cicely teaches eighth-grade math at Rose Park Magnet Middle School.

“Tonight, I’d like to you meet Cicely Woodard. She’s an eighth-grade math teacher at Rose Park Magnet Middle School in Nashville. She is also a Common Core coach. I’ve heard Cicely say that she walks into her classroom everyday believing that all of her students can be victorious. She’s gained their trust and built a relationship with them, and they know that she won’t let them fail. They know that she will reteach, redo and reassess until they get it right. Cicely, thank you. You represent teachers and Common Core coaches across this state who are changing the lives of Tennessee children.”

If you missed the State of the State, can watch the video online, and read more about the program Tennessee Promise.

You can also read more about Cicely Woodard’s classroom in this story on Classroom Chronicles, and check out more pictures from the State of the State on the governor’s Flickr page.