Five Things to Consider When Choosing a College

It is the season for decisions. High school seniors across the state have a stack of acceptance letters and the opportunity to choose where they want to live and study for the next two to four years. Children First, Metro Nashville Public School’s blog, published a series of resources to help students and families in this transition.

In this post, Vanderbilt University Admissions Counselor Carolyn Pippen lists five things to consider when helping your student choose a school that fits their needs. Check out the excerpt below:

You’ve heard it before: your four years in college will be the best four years of your life. You are going to meet new and interesting people, see new places, develop your own identity, and stretch the limits of your knowledge in ways you can only imagine. Where you choose to have these life-changing experiences may well be the most important decision you will have made thus far in your life.

Sound overwhelming? You bet. There are millions of factors that come into play when deciding which schools to apply to, and at times the task can seem nearly insurmountable. My first piece of advice, however, is to have fun with it! As I tell prospective students who visit our campus every day, picking a college is stressful – as it should be – but it’s an exciting kind of stress that you should find a way to enjoy as you go.

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