First Lady Takes Students on Virtual Trip to Elephant Sanctuary

First Lady Crissy Haslam joins three classrooms across the state as part of her Read20 Family Book Club.

Three classrooms from different corners of the state all took the same field trip earlier this month, but only one class took a bus. Third graders from Lewis County Intermediate School recently joined First Lady Crissy Haslam at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Two other classes logged on to join the First Lady virtually.

Martha Mowell and her third grade class joined from the other side of the state at Mount Carmel Elementary in the Hawkins County School District while Melissa Collins joined from John P. Freeman Optional School in Shelby County Schools.

Mrs. Haslam read excerpts from the “The Elephant Scientist” before the sanctuary’s education manager, Todd Montgomery, answered some curious questions about elephants. We had the opportunity to listen in, and were particularly entertained by the questions:

“Does an elephant weigh as much as the Titanic?”

“How can you tell the difference between elephants?”

“Do elephants really communicate by sound waves?”

“Is it busy were you work?”

Melissa Collins’ second grade class joins the First Lady from their classroom in Memphis.

At the conclusion of the event, representatives from the publisher of “The Elephant Scientist”, Mrs. Haslam’s featured book this month in her Read20 Family Book Club, donated 100 copies to the local library and the three participating classrooms.

You can read more about the First Lady’s visit to the Elephant Sanctuary in the official press release from the first lady’s office here or in an article in the Lewis Herald here.