Engaging Students in STEM Safety

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February is CTE month and we are excited to highlight some of the great work happening in CTE classrooms across Tennessee!

Shawn Kerr, a STEM teacher at Alcoa High School, encourages his students to use STEM applications through problem solving, critical thinking, and cooperative learning. In one such example, Mr. Kerr has his students explain the intended use of safety equipment available in the classroom and lab. Instead of simply reading and memorizing lab safety manuals, students work in cooperative groups to create STEM lab safety videos. These videos are a fun way to highlight how students should safely operate and maintain STEM lab equipment .

In small cooperative groups, they read and watch online safety videos for each piece of lab equipment. Then, students are given video editing training using Microsoft Moviemaker software. The groups divide duties up based on individual strengths and weaknesses (videographer, video editor, script writer, actor, etc.) and get to work. In these collaborative groups, they create their safety videos to share not only with their class, but with other classes who will use the STEM lab.

See an example below of one of the videos created by Mr. Kerr’s students: