Clarifying Quick Scores

Tennessee Department of Education

Tennessee Department of Education

By Candice McQueen, Tennessee Education Commissioner

We have made remarkable progress as a state in the past few years. In fact, our students have made upward progress every year since 2010 under increasingly higher standards. This is a testament to you – our hard-working educators in Tennessee. It is an honor to be in a state where progress has resulted from the focused and effective work of educators who have risen to every challenge asked of them. I thank you for your efforts on behalf of even more students who are now graduating from high school and on behalf of even more students who are ready for postsecondary and the workforce.

Today, I write this blog with continued admiration for your work and a sincere apology. In recent days, department leadership held conference calls with directors of schools and assessment personnel to address questions about confusion related to this year’s quick scores that were recently released.  This confusion is a result of a communication failure at the department. In the fall, the department made a decision to calculate grades 3-8 quick scores in the same manner that high school quick scores have been calculated since 2011. Unfortunately, this was not communicated widely during the fall after the decision was made. I became aware of the issue after quick scores were released and have been working to communicate about the issue since that time.

Please take a moment to read a more detailed explanation for teachers that has been distributed in our most recent teacher newsletter, the Educator Update. You can also find additional details on our website.