We’re Turning One!

ClassroomChronicles_square logoWe’re so proud to announce that Classroom Chronicles is turning one! Over the past year we’ve had the privilege of traveling the state to spend time with some inspiring educators and students. From making fake 911 calls in Biology to skydiving for a lesson on gravity, we have watched teachers go to great lengths (and heights) to engage students in rigorous, real-world problem solving. We’re convinced you won’t find harder working teachers or students anywhere in the country. Their grit and courage always push us to do better.

We’ve shared local adventures, like the Rutherford County teacher that drives his students to the Bridgestone Plant twice a week for class. And we’ve followed Tennessee teachers on international travels, like the Chattanooga teacher that went to Europe on a quest to find the birth place of math. Regardless of the zip code, we’re beyond honored that Tennessee teachers have invited us into their classrooms and shared their insights and their precious time.

Tennessee students have also taught us a thing or two. From fixing accidents, to taming butterflies in math class  and moving to a new school, we’ve learned lessons from countless students across the state.

This week we are excited to introduce our team here at Classroom Chronicles and share our favorite blog stories from the past year.

So for now, raise your cupcake. Cheers to one year and to many more!

Commissioner Huffman hangs with the Classroom Chronicles team. Cheers to another year!