How Antioch High School is preparing the future business leaders of Tennessee


The Tennessee Credit Union is committed to helping students acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to future business professions by sponsoring the Tennessee Credit Union (TTCU) Academy of Business and Finance at Antioch High School in Nashville. The goals of this program are to maintain or increase the graduation rate at the high school through support and intervention; to increase the number of students who attempt dual credit, dual enrollment, and industry certification; and to ensure that 100 percent  of students have an opportunity to participate in a career experience.

inside-the-TN-Credit-Union-branch-100511To provide the best support for these students, advisory board meetings for this program involve input from teachers, administrators, academic coaches, business partners, students, and parents. In addition, communication with and support from industry partners, such as the Tennessee Credit Union and Deloitte Financial Consulting, help establish metrics and shape procedures for this program. Hearing from industry partners regarding the parameters, requirements, and logistics of a program such as this is invaluable and serves to strengthen the program so as to ensure that students receive the most relevant instruction possible.

There is a functioning branch of TTCU on the campus of Antioch High School where students learn banking practices such as opening new accounts and providing customer service. Content area curriculum is mastered by students in this program who have the opportunity to connect content specific standards with real-world experiences. Recently, several students from this program began the process of earning their Credit Union National Association certification, which will earn them the distinction of being recognized as a Credit Union Certified Financial Counselor.

summer-internship-2011Helping students earn this industry certification while they are in high school is one of the many goals of this program at Antioch High School. With the ongoing support of industry partners and instructors in the TTCU Academy of Banking and Finance, students at Antioch High School will continue to enjoy success in the world of banking and finance.